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Member, Council of International Investigators

Corporate Intelligence

AUTHENTIC INVESTIGATION & DETECTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED has a unique approach towards corporate intelligence and investigations. Our team of good private detectives and investigators with years of experience provides the most reliable and effective confidential detective and investigative services for the corporate sector. We can deliver the critical information you need to make informed business decisions. We are capable of working within complex and sensitive business environments and can deliver the best investigative services in a completely secure way.

Why Should You Choose Us?
It is very important for you to understand that business decisions based on flawed intelligence by inexperienced private detectives can be very harmful for the smooth running or even survival of a company. Incomplete intelligence can also have
serious outcomes, as you will not be able to identify fraud or other high-risk activities by customers, vendors, and employees. That's why you just cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the corporate intelligence services. With longstanding reputation for thoroughness and discretion as a leading private detective agency in India, we have emerged as the fastest growing detective service in India. You can rely on us for the best corporate intelligence services.

Our Corporate Intelligence Services Are Unparallel In The Industry
The corporate intelligence services that we provide help produce successful outcomes in litigation, preserve corporate reputation and proprietary data, increase profits, minimize financial losses, and protect business ventures. We investigate the following:
• Defamation cases and electronic crimes
• Malicious activities by vendors, competitors, and employees
• Internal fraud
• Non-disclosure and misrepresentations of material facts
• Hidden ownership interests
• Unjustified personal and business reputation
• Environmental liabilities
• Overstated assets and revenues
• Unrealistic projections
• Litigation involving the company
• Financial and operating history
• Understated or unrecorded judgments, liens, liabilities, and expenses

"AUTHENTIC INVESTIGATION & DETECTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED" is renowned for uncovering and analyzing data that may adversely affect your business operations. Our expert investigating team comprising of experienced secret agents works closely with the legal counsel and top managers of your company. This way, we can easily perform objective third-party inquiries without interfering with the daily operations of your organization. Once we gather all the necessary evidence by performing thorough independent investigations, we recommend prudent ways for you to move forward.

We can also prove to be a great help for you if your company is involved in some kind of business alliance, such as distribution arrangement, joint venture, acquisition, or a merger. We can provide you critical, deal-related background information so that you could make an informed decision in the best interest of your company.

The world of companies is very complex and full of mysteries. It seems to be very lively, fast and systematic. But facts say that the things are quite complex. Sometimes it also needs a deep investigation. This is sometimes completely hidden. The race of being in the position of number one, makes the corporate people adopt even some unfair means. Here comes the role of Corporate Intelligence. It involves a lot of investigation. Authentic Investigation gives the best Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi. When people find the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi, nothing but Authentic Investigation comes in front. Corporate Intelligence is a separate domain in the corporate world where all the mysteries are solved by doing the investigation. Nobody can trust anybody and whole work is done in a discreet manner. That is why it is known as "Corporate Intelligence".

Authentic Intelligence gives the best Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi. The company was incorporated to unfold various layers of the hidden truth of a company or an individual related to the company, whether it is an employee. It is the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi and carries out all the types of investigation in the city. There are many activities, where corporate intelligence is required. Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi are required as the companies do not have an end here and at every level, you face a threat of being trapped. You never know the employee you just hired can be a confidant of your competitor and have come in your company just for some information. Authentic Investigation is the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi where all these cases are taken care of. The company has a long list of the clients, who want the Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi at every step. We already told you there are many services where an investigation is required. Authentic Investigation has earned the name of the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi.

It gives the best Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi. The most common type of investigation is company and employee verification. Authentic Investigation has such a wide experience in the field of investigation that employment and company verification is a very small deal for them. Authentic Investigation is the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi. The staff which provides the Corporate Intelligence services in Delhi is the best in mind and brains. Authentic Investigation is the best Corporate Investigation Agency Delhi with the sharpest minds in its intelligence team.


►Member of World Association of    Professional Investigators.

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Member of World Association of Professional Investigators.